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Jochem van Berne, marketing & communication 

Jochem has been working at cepezed since 2023. With his analytic skills, strategic insight and experience, he defines the course in the PR team.

During his career so far, Jochem moved from international advertising agencies to digital design agencies. Eventually, to move to the client side as head of marketing, where he can 'further develop a brand or organisation in a sustainable way'. Jochem got his bachelor's degree in Communication at Inholland Hogeschool Rotterdam, with a specialisation in Creative Communication. He worked for OMA and Erick van Egeraat, among others.

Jochem is interested in the significance of digital data for trendwatching, this was also the subject of his bachelor thesis. 'The dynamics of the digital revolution fascinate me enormously. The digital world carries the potential to communicate your message in new ways and to connect organisations or companies more effectively with their audience. That potential is not always fully exploited yet, especially because developments are so rapid. We have access to a huge amount of digital data, but that data is worthless if you don't know how to read and use it.

Jochem is down-to-earth and feels at home with cepezed's no-nonsense mentality. The minimalist architectural style and cepezed's hands-on approach to the meaning of sustainability in architecture also appeal to him. A nice challenge in addition is the set-up and organisation of cepezed's 50th anniversary in 2024. Jochem spends his spare time on the development of a self-sufficient house in rural Cantabria (Spain), amongst other things.