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Joost Heijnis, building technologist 

has worked at cepezed since 2022. With his self-willed approach, he wants to understand every problem and find the best solution.

Joost studied Architecture at TU Delft and graduated in Building Technology. Besides his work at cepezed, he managed to win nominations for the Young Architects Competition 2005 & 2007, and he won the adience award of the Bath Personal Rapid Transport Design Competition 2009.

What Joost values in cepezed is the combination of technology and aesthetics, packaged in a no-nonsense approach. From his expertise as a building technologist and his experience at cepezed, Joost has fulfilled a large number of positions at the interface of architecture and building technology. For instance, he was chairman of the innovation platform Booosting from 2012 to 2016, he is on the editorial board of Bouwkwaliteit in de Praktijk and in 2020 he was ambassador of the Gevel Beurs.

Innovative, well-detailed solutions are what Joost enjoys working on, such as the revitalisation of office building Westraven in Utrecht, which is detailed down to the wire and full of innovative solutions. But also a project like Pas Reform in Doetinchem, where flexible cooperation between client and designers led to a simple but finely detailed building with low construction costs and a satisfied client.

As part of the TECK team, Joost brings his expertise to cepezed's projects on an office-wide scale.