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Koen Ehren, architectural engineer 

Koen has been working at cepezed since 2023. He is critical in every detail, but expresses this with kind modesty.

Koen has been interested in architecture and the built environment from an early age. He completed the Bachelor of Architecture at Avans Hogeschool in Tilburg. He complemented this with a master's degree in Architectural Urban Design and Engineering at the TU in Eindhoven, where he graduated in 2023. Here, Koen investigated in what form architecture could provide a solution to the short-term threats of 'cybersecurity failure' and 'digital inequality'. He balanced the current human-centred design methodology against the increasing impact of machines, by integrating a data centre into the urban planning context.

Together with a former classmate, Koen has participated in several international architecture competitions, including the Iceland Beer Spa architecture competition by Buildner Architecture Competitions. With his environment embracing design for a Serenity Spa in Iceland, Koen captured a deserved final spot.

Menno Rubbens lectured on cepezed's take on demountable construction and the kit-of-parts principle during Koen's studies. This is where Koen's interest in cepezed awakened. He admires cepezed's intelligence in environment-conscious building. Koen highly values efficient use of raw materials, integration of bio-based and nature-inclusive elements and circularity. He therefore feels very much at home with an organisation that also prioritises these particular aspects.

A project Koen is proud of, which is also the first tender he worked on at cepezed, is the Entree. Here, an office building in Amsterdam Zuidoost is being renovated, connecting the building more closely to its surroundings. The entire area will be transformed into a sustainable and vibrant area, where nature and cooperation are stimulated.