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Leo Krommenhoek, interior modeller 

has been working at cepezedinterior since 2015. His goal is to contribute to a fine interior in a good building. He achieves this with a focus on results until the construction phase.

Leo completed a degree in Architecture at Delft University of Technology. At various design and implementation companies, he focused on the technical development and modelling of interiors and furniture.

He feels connected to cepezed and cepezedinterieur by the down-to-earth clarity and striving for simple solutions. For instance, at the Westland city office and town hall, using the 'greenhouse' as a metaphor, Leo focused on the interior as 'furniture work'. The various types of fixed furniture were realised with a high level of finishing, detailed to perfection.

For the new Genmab building on the Science Park in Utrecht, cepezed and cepezedinterior collaborated to design this strikingly streamlined building. Here, too, Leo elaborated both the special furniture work and large parts of the completion plan.