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Leon Thormann, architectural engineer 

Leon has been working at cepezed since 2022. He is knowledgeable and precise, communicates clearly, and brings peace to the team in an exceptionally friendly way.

Leon completed his bachelor's degree in Architecture & Urban Planning in Stuttgart. He enriched this with a master's degree in Architecture, Urbanism, and Building Science at TU Delft. He completed his master's with a thesis on the flexibility of buildings about changes in their environment. In particular, he investigated how people (users and passers-by) can be part of this. The research resulted in a design for a cultural hub in Hamburg.

During his studies, Leon participated in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition: his team submitted a design for a solar-powered and energetically self-sufficient house. The house met the highest standards of sustainability. Leon was involved in the design and construction as well as coordination. His team returned with the third prize in its pocket.

Within architecture, Leon has a great affinity for construction and detailing. He sees switching between the large scale and detail as an essential part of the design process - a principle that cepezed shares exactly. This similarity appeals to him enormously and makes him enjoy working here.

One project Leon is particularly proud of and worked on in the tender team is the Amsterdam Control Room. The design proposes modifications to an existing building: 'These are minimal modifications with maximum results. The improvement of liveability is really convincing in this design. The green surroundings fit nicely with cepezed's sustainability ambitions; we combined the high-security requirements with a green fringe around the building.'