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Mathieu de Danschutter, architect 

Mathieu has been working at cepezed since 2014. Driven by his curiosity, he is always pushing boundaries and loves to come up with innovative solutions.

Mathieu completed the Master of Architecture at Delft University of Technology. With a fellow student, he won the competition during his student days for a multifunctional interior in the reception hall of the Aula conference center of Delft University of Technology. The design was actually realized, giving him experience in the whole process from design to execution as a student. The interior is still in use today.

He underlines cepezed's ambition to always get the best result out of an assignment. In addition, the no-nonsense mentality and integral design methodology appeal to him greatly.

A building designed for de- and re-assembly in a short period of time like the Temporary Court in Amsterdam fits into this. This paragon of circular construction proves that a temporary building can have a very high level of execution.

Mathieu also likes projects with many technical challenges, such as the very low floor heights in the transformation of the Woerden Town Hall. Mathieu is particularly proud that cepezed - despite the limitations of the existing skeleton - managed to create a very open and spacious building, which the user now enjoys working in.