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Menno Rubbens, project developer & director 

has been project developer and director of cepezedprojects since 2000. In each project, he tries to incorporate a new feature or aspect in favour of circular architecture.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

Menno studied Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, followed by a degree in Architecture and Structural Engineering at Delft University of Technology. In 2022, he was awarded as Circular Hero. "Because he could not do any other thing than build circularly, even if he wanted to" the jury said.

He worked as an architect at Oosterhuis Associates (now ONL) in Rotterdam and architecture firm cepezed in Delft. Since 2000, he has been director of cepezedprojects, which he founded on the basis of his work at cepezed.

All projects developed by cepezedprojects, especially the circular projects, are special to Menno. Building D(emountable), the only non-monumental building on the complex of the former Museum of Technology, is a good example of circular new construction. The building offers the possibility of completely remounting it, if needed.

Another good example of circular construction is the Temporary Court Amsterdam, where the new building was not allowed to detract from the already existing permanent court buildings and their representative character. This project is a collaboration of three cepezed disciplines: cepezed, cepezedinterieur and cepezedprojects collaborated for the realisation of the court.