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Michael van der Gaag, project developer 

has been working at cepezedprojects since 2011. The fact that every day is different makes the work so extraordinary for him. In his ultimate project, all those involved are satisfied and a positive addition has been made to the current building stock.

First, Michael graduated form the Hogeschool Utrecht with majors in Architecture and Project Management. His graduation project was awarded the first prize by the Van Baaren Foundation. After that, he studied at Delft University of Technology: master Architecture & modernity and master Real Estate & Housing.

His ultimate inspiration are people with passion for their profession, entrepreneurs with a clear vision and people who break through the status quo with creative solutions. He sees these qualities in his colleagues: therefore, he is right in calling cepezed(projects) an inspiring place.

The process from an idea to a valuable addition in the built-up environment is his key concern. The wide range of stakeholders involved and the associated complexity and variety is what makes Michaels' job challenging.

One of those challenging projects is the ArsenaalDelft: a complex, inner-city redevelopment of a monument. Michael has also worked intensively and with pleasure on the Design, Build, Maintain and Remove/Remount task of the Temporary Court in Amsterdam. It was challenging to manage all the associated processes and various stakeholders.