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Noud van Alphen, graphic employee 

Noud has been working at cepezed since 2023. He is always curious and driven to deliver a beautiful and possibly moving image.

The world of design and construction was hardly new to Noud when he started at cepezed in 2023. With two parents 'in the business', he was introduced to it from an early age. Because of this, he looks at architecture in a casual and natural way. He mixes this love for architecture with a passion for images.

What appeals to Noud about cepezed is the power to puzzle through a design, even if the environmental challenge is still so complex. 'cepezed can come up with smart solutions in a nicely idiosyncratic way, which results in nice feeling, sleek buildings' says Noud. What he likes about his role in the marketing and communication team is the fact that he gets to see so many facets of different projects. Together with the team, Noud ensures that cepezed's versatility is shared with the outside world in a beautiful way.

One of the projects that particularly appeals to Noud is cepezed's office. Made in a former practical hall of machine and mechanical engineering of the TU - then still the Technische Hogeschool. He finds it a beautiful transformation, as the monumental hall has been transformed with some modifications into a delightful, characteristic workplace.