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Richard Geleijnse, 3d visualizer 

Richard has been working at cepezed since 2013. He is always looking for efficiency and quality and enjoys giving attention to the simplicity of a detail.

Richard studied Architecture at the Zadkine College in Rotterdam, where he was awarded the graduation prize in 2004. In 2008 he also graduated in Architecture from the Hogeschool Rotterdam, where he had specialized in architecture the years before.

As a visualizer, he is affiliated full time with architectural firm cepezed. Together with the architects and interior architects, Richard works on designs where the power speaks from simplicity. Meeting deadlines is Richard's favorite challenge every time. He spends about two to three weeks per project.

Richard has mastered a broad package of software, but sometimes he sees assignments that put his expertise to the test. His visualizations must fit well with the character of the assignment and form an inspiring but realistic representation of the building. The Temporary Court in Amsterdam was such a challenging project; the level of detail was very high. The interim nature of the building did not mean that detail and finish could be compromised. In fact, the requirements for the temporary complex were as high as for the permanent construction.

Another interesting project to work on was the MECC complex in Maastricht. This exhibition & conference center is undergoing a major redevelopment with new construction and renovation. Richard worked on the VR experiences. Getting such a complex transformation across properly with images and visualizations then presents an issue, sometimes falling back on a travel guide-like open-ended bird's eye view.