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sonja draskovic, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2022. The more experience she gains as a designer, the more diverse her interests become within architecture.

noud van alphen

After studying architecture at the University of Edinburgh, Sonja graduated cum laude for her master's degree in architecture at TU Delft. Her graduation project, 'Hybrid Morphologies: An Interdisciplinary Model for Waterfront Architecture. The Case of Zwijndrecht', was nominated for Archiprix 2022. Before joining cepezed, Sonja gained practical experience at Una Studio in Hamburg and at architecture offices in Vienna and Novi Sad.

From sketch to detail - the whole design process interests her. After all, every project follows its own path. Starting with defining the user requirements and discussing the first conceptual ideas, ending with tangible matters such as the choice of materials and finally, of course, the building. Sonja sees communication as an important aspect of architecture, with the client and user as much as within a project team, or with cepezed colleagues among themselves.

Sonja is eager to learn and the wealth of knowledge within cepezed inspires her and strengthens her belief that change - towards a more sustainable and more humane architecture and society - is possible. The multidisciplinary nature of the office really appeals to her. She is an enthusiast for multidisciplinary design teams and multidisciplinary education. For TU Delft, she is working in a team on a book on this subject.

At cepezed, Sonja works on Kustwacht Den Helder, Police Headquarters The Hague and Hospital PI Haaglanden. In addition, she enthusiastically dedicates herself to knowledge promotion. For instance, she is one of the organisers of the Green Week 2022, when every day of the week started with a guest lecture on a different aspect of sustainability.