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Tatjana Anholts, architect & breeam expert & well ap 

has been working at cepezed since 2017. On a personal level, she tries to make her ecological footprint as small as possible. Also in het work, she holds to this ideal as much as possible.

Tatjana completed a bachelor's degree in Architecture and a master's degree in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Delft University of Technology. By taking additional courses on sustainable construction and sustainable development, she also obtained a Technology in Sustainable Development-certificate. Tatjana has been a BREAAM-NL expert since 2014, and a WELL Accredited Professional since 2022.

At cepezed, Tatjana enjoys being able to work on buildings that harmoniously combine user requirements with sutainable developments, such as circular and energy-neutral construction.

For example, the housing project 't Eemgoed in Oosterwold revolves around community spirit, sustainability and contact with nature. This project, where architecture and landscape are intertwined, is close to Tatjana's heart. Here, waste water is purified with a helophyte filter, the gas-free houses are (almost) energy-neutral and the green roofs and gardens enhance biodiversity.

Tatjana functions as BREEAM expert in many cepezed projects. For example in the VU University Research Building in Amsterdam, for which the design certificate Excellent was issued by the Dutch Green Building Council.