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all good(s)

lucas van der wee | cepezed

This Wednesday September 9, director of cepezedprojects Menno Rubbens will lecture at the All Good(s) meeting in Berlin. This is the expanded opening event of a new program organized by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory and the Dutch Embassy in Berlin.

climate issue
All Good (s): New materials in Architecture, Design and Fashion for a Future Circular Economy is set up around the climate issue and the need to limit the impact of our everyday urban life on the environment. There is a great deal of interest in and political direction for the circular economy in both the Netherlands and Germany. In this context, All Good (s) mainly focuses on the use of materials and the development of new sustainable materials. The event is aimed at the exchange of knowledge and innovations.
limit and reuse
In his lecture, Menno Rubbens emphasizes above all the responsibility of the project developer, architect and builder for the use of raw materials. How do we ensure that we use as few materials as possible for buildings? And how can we also keep those materials available for future generations? Menno provides a good example with the lightweight and circular Building Part D (emountable) in Delft that cepezed recently realized.
The event in the building of ANCB The AEDES Metropolitan Laboratory on Christinenstra├če is fully booked, but will be streamed live from 18.00 hours via the ANCB website.