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cepezed designs parking garage wega.punt for the police

The former building of the police academy will house the parking garage for the nearby headquarters of the The Hague police department. cepezed is responsible for the design for both buildings. The approximately 16,000 m² building will provide about 400 parking spaces and commercial spaces in the plinth. With a green roof and water retention crates, the building is nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive.

future-proof transformation
The transformation of the existing building into a parking garage is future-oriented and reversible. The existing hull will be reused and prepared for the transformation with a few adjustments. To create more parking space and floor space, two floor fields in prefab concrete are added to the west side of the building.

A demountable piece of furniture with all ramps and associated platforms will be installed in the patio between the existing building parts. These adjustments make it easy to transform the building into an office space in the future.

service in the plinth
Commercial spaces are included in the transparent plinth. These are designed in the so-called box-in-box principle, with a free-hanging ceiling. This construction method provides both thermal and sound insulation. Service-oriented companies will be located in these business premises, for both police employees and residents of the Binckhorst.

nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive
The green area contains approximately 60% of the footprint of the garage. This is mainly achieved by a green roof, partly with sedum planting and partly with shrubs and flowers that support the local biodiversity. Under this green roof are retention crates that buffer the precipitation and discharge it slowly.

In the atrium near the passage, a façade is fully equipped with climbing plants that provide a pleasant environment for users and passers-by. To support the ecology around the property, animal accommodations are integrated in the design. In the open facades, close to the green roof, there will be various bird boxes for smaller birds and the native shrubs on the roof are suitable for various butterfly species.

For this project, Nelissen Ingenieursbureau B.V. is involved for the installations, building physics and fire safety, IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs for the constructions and Ingenieursbureau Multical for building cost management.

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