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The tenth edition of the IABR is about much-needed change. The title ‘It's about time. Architecture of change’ leaves nothing to the imagination. From 22 September to 13 November 2022, a programme unfolds with exhibitions, workshops, lectures and debates on what that change can look like. cepezed's design for the Temporary Court Amsterdam is one of the 24 exemplary projects on the 'Transition Table' in the Ferro dome.

accelerate with the solution
Landscape architect Peter Veenstra, one of the IABR curators, calls ‘It's about time’ ‘a confrontation with time pressure’. According to him, we need to ‘slow down with the growth and speed up with the solution’. The temporary court's demountable building is such a solution and has already proven itself.
The Temporary Court served for five years in Amsterdam, was dismantled as planned at the end of 2021 and will be rebuilt at Kennispark Twente in 2023, albeit without a cell block because of its new function. Currently, its parts, differing from stair parts, steel pillars and floor plates to toilet bowls and door handles, are stored in Genemuiden and Enschede. So with the temporary court, ‘it's about time’ can also be taken literally: the principle of this building is about time.

transition table
To the four curators (Derk Loorbach, Lea-Catherine Szacka, Veronique Patteeuw and Peter Veenstra) the Temporary Court represents ‘the future of building’, as in fact all projects at the Transition Table do. Other contributors are Barcode, Bureau Sla, West 8, De Urbanisten, Mei Architecten and Anne Geenen, amongst others.
The Transition Table is set up in the gasometer of the former Ferro factory in Merwe-Vierhavens. The labyrinthine exhibition was designed by Belgian artist Richard Venlet and architects Alice Babini and Leander Venlet. It is divided into the sections Accelerator, Activist and Ancestor.

For more information about the exhibition and tickets, visit the IABR website.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed

Hoe zit de Tijdelijke Rechtbank Amsterdam in elkaar?
Dat leggen Ronald Schleurholts (architect en partner cepezed) en Menno Rubbens (directeur cepezedprojects) uit in onderstaande video.