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Double the size of Hukseflux's premises

Lucas van der Wee

In 2011, Hukseflux chose cepezed when it needed a new company building. For the expansion of this building on the Delftechpark, Eric Hoeksema, the director of Hukseflux, knocked on cepezed's door again. With cepezedprojects, a programme of requirements was drawn up, cepezed and cepezedinterieur made the design and cepezedbouwteam supervised the construction. Meanwhile, the 'highest point' has been reached; the extension will be ready for use in spring 2024.

bright, two-storey atrium
The extension is more or less a copy of the existing office: a lifted 'box' with a 16-metre span, making the storey floors flexibly divisible. Completely new is the two-storey, daylight-rich atrium, located exactly between the two working wings. This space is meant as an entrance and for lunch, consultations, presentations and other festive occasions. Director Hoeksema: 'It is great that we will soon be able to sit there with everyone; the hall in the existing building had become too small for that.'

transversal facade greenery
The programme of requirements for the extension is based on conversations with staff, about the good elements and points of improvement of the existing building. Whereas the first design had no greenery, the extension does. Racks are placed across the facade in the atrium to block out the sun - climbing plants grow against the racks, similar to cepezed's design for Oldelft Ultrasound.

hukseflux-cepezed building
Hoeksema finds it pleasant to work with cepezed: 'We give our vision and requirements, cepezed thinks things through, while maintaining a certain signature.' He says he does see 'a development' regarding that signature, 'it's not just steel and glass anymore'. For the inspiration for the expansion of Hukseflux, we took Hoeksema to a number of office buildings we recently designed. The outcome of the collaboration is, in Hoeksema's words, 'a real Hukseflux-cepezed building'.

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Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee