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Sustainable bicycle storage eye-catcher Tilburg railway zone

stefan verkerk | prorail

The new bicycle storage at Tilburg station, on the Spoorlaan side, was opened yesterday and can accommodate around 3,400 bicycles. With the completion of the South bicycle storage, the long-standing renovation of Tilburg station is approaching its end. Only platform 4 is still on the schedule. As well as the bus station, the North bicycle storage and the post platform, this storage was designed by cepezed.

sustainable design
The bicycle parking facility has been made sustainable, with attention to the surroundings, the living climate and the environment. The sealed glass facade provides natural ventilation and natural light, which reduces the need for mechanical ventilation and minimizes the need for lighting. The artificial lighting that is still needed during the dark hours is energy efficient and kept to a minimum when no people are present.
The roofs are covered with sedum plants. This is not only attractive for bees and butterflies, it also ensures good water drainage and contributes to a better indoor climate in the bicycle storage. The monumental parts of the post platform, such as the Y-columns, have also been integrated; the former post platform now functions as a floor. An ascending garden has been created from the monumental staircase to the former post platform.

eye-catcher railway zone
“The new bicycle storage is an eye-catcher in the transformation of the railway zone in Tilburg,” said Tilburg alderman Bas van der Pol. “Public transport travellers can park their bicycles here easily, safely and quickly. That makes travelling from one to Tilburg by train a bit more comfortable for everyone. In this way, we encourage even more people to use their bicycles to go to the station and we contribute to a healthy and happy Tilburg. And it also ensures that we keep the public space around the station liveable and free of bicycles.”
“A great result of the collaboration with cepezed as designer and Dura Vermeer as contractor”, says Dimitri Kruik, regional director at ProRail.

Text continues below the photos (ProRail / Stefan Verkerk).

stefan verkerk | prorail

conveniences for travellers
The parking facility can accommodate around 3,400 bicycles and will receive approximately 200 public transport bicycles. The parking facility is guarded, the first 24 hours free and open from 15 minutes before the first train to 15 minutes after the last train.
Furthermore, the building is equipped with all kinds of comforts. It is the first bicycle storage in Brabant where travellers can use the new automatic check-in and check-out zone. Travellers can check-in or out with their OV chip card via a screen at the check-in and check-out zone.
This is even easier with a so-called bicycle tag. In this new zone, the bicycle tag (linked to the public transport chip card) is automatically recognized so that travellers can continue cycling immediately. Holders of a subscription or stables on account receive a bicycle tag free of charge, which is attached to the front frame of the bicycle by service employees in the storage.

Photos: ProRail / Stefan Verkerk.

Drone images: NS

stefan verkerk | prorail
stefan verkerk | prorail
stefan verkerk | prorail
stefan verkerk | prorail
stefan verkerk | prorail
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