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Elsevier: Hospital PI Haaglanden one of most iconic buildings 2023


'Despite the fact that the construction industry in the Netherlands is struggling with the nitrogen crisis, extraordinary projects are still being delivered'. This is a reason for EW Magazine (Elseviers Weekblad) to look forward to 2023 with a list of striking buildings. Hospital PI Haaglanden is one of them.

next to natura-2000-area
The temporary care centre, built within walls of the PI Haaglanden in Scheveningen with low levels of nitrogen, is one of six projects described in EW Magazine The penitentiaire inrichting (PI) Haaglanden, as it is formally called, is located in Scheveningen right next to the Meijendel and Berkheide natura 2000 areas.

prefab construction process
Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling, cepezedprojects and cepezed have worked together on a design and implementation plan to realise the temporary building with low nitrogen. The design is based on cepezed's kit-of-parts philosophy, where parts are prefabricated as much as possible and assembled on site, releasing almost zero emissions during the construction process. The foundation was even electrically bolted.

important logistics
Logistics is another important factor. For instance, transport movements are kept to a minimum. This is not only efficient, it also eliminates emissions. As far as possible, freight transport is done electrically or with Euro 6-trucks. Furthermore, all employees from outside the nitrogen zone will be transported to the construction site in groups by electric transport.

quicker recovery of patients
The building has clear sightlines and a logical layout. This creates a safe environment for the employees. It will also be a pleasant environment for staff and patients, because cepezedinterieur pays much attention to peaceful natural tints, in combination with warm, wooden interior parts and a view of greenery. The latter encourages quicker recovery for patients.

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