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Green light for construction and renovation of West Betuwe town hall

The municipality of West Betuwe can start with the renovation and new construction of the town hall. With the contracting of WAM & Van Duren Bouw, a contractor has been found who will realize the design by cepezed. West Betuwe is a municipality merging Geldermalsen, Neerijnen and Lingewaal.

feel welcome
"The new town hall promises to be a beautiful place. For the inhabitants, entrepreneurs and social organisations to feel welcome. For the civil servants to work. And for the municipal executive and council to meet and make decisions," according to councillor Ed Goossens.

The new town hall has been designed by cepezed and cepezedinterieur.It is an integrated design in which cepezedinterieur has taken charge of the fixed and loose furnishings, the overall look & feel and the identity carriers. In short: the entire layout. Special attention was paid to sustainability and reusability. For example, existing chairs are refurbished and repositioned. In addition, cepezedinterieur is examining the implementation of the existing art collection in the building and in the garden.

symbolic kick-off
There is now a construction sign in front of the town hall. It shows what the future town hall will look like. Alderman Ed Goossens and director Bas Hommelink of WAM & Van Duren Bouw B.V. unveiled the sign on Wednesday. This was a symbolic kick-off to the collaboration. In April 2022, the contractor will start with the demolition. A year later, in 2023, the renovation and new construction will be completed.

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