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park hoog oostduin in the spotlight

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The cepezed-designed Park Hoog Oostduin apartment complex in The Hague generates a lot of attention. The transformation of a large former Shell office into a luxurious living environment in the green appeals to many people. This month, cepezed partner Ronald Schleurholts will give another number of online presentations about the project.

living in the hague
Wonen in Nederland (WIN, ‘Living in the Netherlands’) is a business community that focuses on the professional residential market in the Netherlands. It connects parties and to this end addresses themes such as high-rise buildings, modular and printable homes, mixed use and large-scale urban renewal projects. On Tuesday afternoon, March 16, cepezed will provide an extensive explanation of Park Hoog Oostduin during the WIN-organized inspiration session Wonen in Den Haag (Living in The Hague’’). Registration is free and can be arranged for through the WIN-website. Participation is open exclusively to housing associations, investors, developers, governmental institutions, engineers and contractors active in residential real estate and urban development.

open building now!
Just a day later, Wednesday afternoon 17 March, Park Hoog Oostduin is one of the subjects within the lecture series of the Infill Festival, the second event of the OPEN BUILDING NOW! initiative. This focuses on knowledge about and experience with the construction strategy that John Habraken has been promoting since the early 1960s: namely with an architecturally well-considered disengagement of construction components that have different life cycles. In that context and lasting no less than a full week, the Infill Festival deals with matters such as the building services and the interior arrangement. Ronald speaks the 17th at 4 p.m. Registration is open to all who are interested and can be arranged for through the Delft Technical University, one of the partners in the initiative.

24h design contest
The 24H design contest is an annual 24-hour design competition for students. The competition is organized by the architectural study association Stylos, of which cepezed partner Jan Pesman has been an extraordinary member since September last year. The topic this year is repurposing. Saturday March 27, Ronald will use Park Hoog Oostduin to explain the participants cepezed’s redevelopment vision.

lucas van der wee | cepezed