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Headquarters Oldelft Ultrasound receives BREEAM-NL Excellent


The new head office of Oldelft Ultrasound, on the TU Delft Campus, has received the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. Investor ASR Dutch Science Park Fund and cepezedprojects, developer of this project, are delighted to report this news.

The ASR Dutch Science Park Fund received the BREEAM-NL Excellent New Building Certificate for the nature-inclusive circular office and production location. With a total score of 72%, the project more than achieved the rating 'Excellent'. The building has already been awarded the very economical energy label (A+++++) in accordance with the current BENG requirements.

In the building of approximately 4,200 m2 designed by cepezed architects, much attention has been paid to circularity. For example, the steel structure can be dismantled thanks to 'dry' assembly and the use of removable hollow-core slab floors. The building is prepared for possible future expansion and can be flexibly partitioned so that it could potentially function as a multi-tenant building.

Besides being circular, the office is also an ecological, nature-inclusive building. To achieve this, large facade slats have been installed that will be covered in the future with a mix of climbing plants, which form an attractive habitat for various birds and insects. Insect hotels, extra measures for bees and nesting boxes for bats, birds, hedgehogs and martens have also been provided.

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