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Life sciences building ‘Accelerator’ in Utrecht completed

lucas van der wee | cepezed

The new Accelerator building in Utrecht has been completed. This sustainable multi-tenant building, which will mainly be used by life sciences companies, has been handed over by contractor BAM to client Kadans Science Partner. The building is connected to the Genmab building, also designed by cepezed.

daylight-rich design
The Accelerator is a building with office and laboratory functions, an auditorium, meeting rooms and a publicly accessible restaurant. It is a daylight-rich building, furnished with warm wooden elements. One of the most beautiful details is a spiral staircase made of thin, white-coated sheet steel. Spectacular are the tower's glass lift and lift shaft, offering a beautiful view of Utrecht.

breeam excellent
The striking, white-coated steel structure is efficiently designed and beautifully finished, so no extra finishing layer is needed. The visible construction creates a spatial effect and ensures that the building can be flexibly partitioned. The super-efficient use of materials in combination with 420 solar panels on the low-rise roof, water-saving toilets, a large number of parking spaces with charging stations, heat pumps (which eliminate the need for a gas connection) and an aquiver (heat storage) have ensured that the building has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent certification.

therapy against cancer
From this week on, the floors will be furnished by the owner and future users. Accelerator will be the place where Genmab, a stock exchange listed biotech company, will do even more research on antibodies against cancer from next year onwards. Another main tenant will be Merus and Imuno Precise will also move in. The building is scheduled to open in March 2023.

Kadans Science Partner collaboration
Kadans Science Partner developed Accelerator as an innovative rental formula for business spaces with laboratories. With Kadans, cepezed also works on the adjacent Genmab, Plus Ultra Leiden and Plus Ultra Amsterdam.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
Kadans Science Partner

lucas van der wee | cepezed