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the circular economy as a mission

cepezed focuses on innovation, quality and efficiency. The lines between the project developer, architect and builder are short, because we have these three areas of expertise in-house. In this way, we also accelerate the transition to a circular construction economy. Menno Rubbens, project developer and director of cepezedprojects, is a true advocate of this transition. He will soon share his knowledge and experience in Pakhuis de Zwijger, was recently a guest in Ankara and spoke in Heerde with Queen Máxima.

pioneering approach
In every project, Menno tries to incorporate some element or aspect to promote the circular economy. He participates on a risk basis in projects he believes in, even if the choices made are completely new. Because of this pioneering approach, it is of extra importance to bring the right parties together - parties with the same approach and mission. That work is a mission for Menno is also evidenced by the many lectures he gives at home and abroad, and his participation in research projects.

circular reconstruction
Last week, at the invitation of the Dutch Embassy, TU-Delft and Hacettepe University, Menno was a guest at the meeting 'Developing circular reconstruction strategies for earthquake zones' in Ankara. The effort is to bring together Dutch and Turkish construction companies, experts, officials and enthusiasts and then explore innovative solutions aimed at circular reconstruction after earthquakes. As one of four guest speakers, Menno shares his perspective on innovations in circular design and construction.

the flexible city
How can the reuse of existing raw and residual materials in construction be scaled up? That question, based on the book "The Flexible City," takes center stage at Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam on Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. Seven guest speakers, including Menno, will discuss how circular construction can be taken to the next level this evening. You can reserve a spot and find more information about the lecture via Pakhuis De Zwijger's website.

circular knowledge center heerde
One of the regular partners of cepezedprojects is dismantling company Lagemaat. They even founded a joint venture, LCP Circular, with the idea of having more impact in the field of reusing building materials and entire buildings. Recently, Queen Máxima visited the Circular Knowledge Center in Heerde, which is currently being built to a design by cepezed. Among other things, she visited the field where the harvested materials for the knowledge center are stored, and wanted to know what the role of business, education and government can be to promote the growth of the circular construction economy.

Another great example project of LCP Circular is the relocation of the Zuiderstrand Theater from the Municipality of The Hague
to the Municipality of Oss. As a result, Oss will soon have the most circular theater in the Netherlands.

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