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Cultural Centre Oss


Cultural Centre Oss 

The consortium lcp circulair (cepezedprojects & Lagemaat B.V.) took over the Zuiderstrandtheater from the municipality of The Hague in early 2023. The construction moved in parts to Oss, where it is temporarily stored on the outskirts of the city. More fragile, small parts are stored in a hall in Deventer. Together with the reused hall of theatre De Lievekamp, the parts will soon form a cultural centre. cepezed designed this circular building in close cooperation with dismantling company Lagemaat. The cultural centre will have a large, public hall connecting several halls and other spaces.

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  • municipality of den haag, municipality of oss and theater de lievekamp
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  • oss
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circular solution  

The Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen - a design by architect Thijs Mauve - was always intended to be a temporary building. That temporariness had to do with the closure and demolition of the Lucent Danstheater and the Dr Anton Philipszaal in the centre of The Hague, for the construction of Amare. The municipality of The Hague linked a tender to the sale of the Zuiderstrandtheater, with the condition that 70% of the material had to be reused. lcp Circular aimed for an even higher percentage, won the tender and found a new use for the theatre in Oss.

Lagemaat b.v.

From Scheveningen to Oss  

The relocation of the Zuiderstrandtheater started last February, when during an event in Scheveningen, the first chair was symbolically handed over to Coen Bais, director of theatre De Lievekamp. cepezed is not only involved in the design of the rebuilt hall of the Zuiderstrandtheater and the reuse of the existing hall of De Lievekamp, it is also designing the extension of the theatre into a multifunctional cultural centre. The reuse of the main supporting structure of the Zuiderstrandtheater represents the biggest environmental gain. The project will be carried out in phases so that the theatre can 'just' stay open.

Jacco Brink
Lucas van der Wee

old theatre halls, new complex  

While developing the plans for the Cultural Centre, the municipality of Oss already turned out to be as ambitious in terms of circularity as the municipality of The Hague. So 'the puzzle piece comes at exactly the right time', says Bais. In Oss, theatre De Lievekamp, Muzelinck and the library are currently separate buildings. This cluster is largely being demolished, also in phases. Only the main hall of De Lievekamp stays, which will become the centre hall in the new design. The Zuiderstrandtheater will be built on the site of the library, this will become the main hall. The 'heart' of the Cultural Centre, a high, new space, connects both halls, plus the new small hall of De Lievekamp's 'vestibule theatre'.

cultural centre Oss  

The entrance to the Cultural Centre will be on Raadhuislaan. The 'heart' will house the entrance and the foyers of the 3 halls, spread over 3 floors. It will also house the theatre café, the cloakroom and the offices. The biggest technical and spatial challenge for the design is to connect the existing auditorium, which will remain in place, with the new and reused parts and elements: everything must be optimally coordinated. Depending on the possibilities, the vestibule theatre in the new situation will have a facade that can be opened up for open-air performances - there will be a semi-circular outdoor stage. The backstage situation will also improve considerably, both logistically and for the performers.

doorsnede grote zaal

cultural avenue  

The construction of the Cultural Centre gives a boost to the redevelopment of Raadhuislaan-noord, the axis in line with the railway station and the town hall. For this development, the municipality of Oss formulated the same ambition as for the cultural centre: everything will be built as sustainably and circularly as possible. The plans include around 500 homes, stacked parking facilities and office spaces. The new buildings will be connected by a zone with greenery.


  • clients: municipality of den haag, municipality of oss and Theater De Lievekamp
  • developer: lcp circular (cepezedprojects & lagemaat B.V.)
  • demounting: Lagemaat B.V.
  • structural engineer: Aronsohn
  • installation consultancy: Nelissen
  • theatre advice: PBTA
  • architectural design: cepezed
  • interior design: cepezedinterior
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