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minister ernst kuipers opens new r&d business centre: plus ultra leiden

Kadans Science Partner

Plus Ultra Leiden, the highly sustainable R&D business centre at the Leiden Bio Science Park, was officially opened yesterday afternoon. Minister Ernst Kuipers (Health, Wellbeing and Sports) turned the first key with Michel Leemhuis (ceo & co-founder, Kadans Science Partner), Ida Haisma (director, Leiden Bio Science Park) and Henri Lenferink (mayor of Leiden). On behalf of cepezed, partners Paddy Sieuwerts and Jan Pesman attended the festivities.

breeam excellent
Both Kadans and cepezed have great sustainability ambitions. At Plus Ultra Leiden, this resulted in a BREEAM-NL Excellent certification (score 73,41%). This is not only the result of energy measures, such as a roof full of solar panels and heat pumps that heat, cool and make a gas connection superfluous. It is also due to the flexibility in the layout of the building, which means that rooms are not quickly too big or too small, thus preventing vacancy.

pleasant building
The building contains more than 17,000 square metres of flexible business space. This allows start-ups, for example, to grow within Plus Ultra without having to move. In addition to offices and laboratories, the building has formal and informal meeting and conference facilities where knowledge can be shared and developed.
Plus Ultra Leiden is also a pleasant, light building with a large atrium. Entrance lobbies with playful floor plans and diagonally placed open staircases embody the buzz and activity of the companies and businesses. The first companies to settle in Plus Ultra Leiden are: Immunicum, ThermoFisher, LeydenJar Technologies and Fibriant.

cooperation Kadans Science Partner
With its ingenious real estate, Kadans Science Partner focuses specifically on innovative companies in need of business accommodations with laboratories. cepezed designed several buildings for Kadans, such as Plus Ultra Amsterdam, Accelerator and Genmab (both in Utrecht). In doing so, a balance was found between recognizability and the buildings' own identity.

Kadans Science Partner