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Relocation step closer: serious interest in theatre Scheveningen

Lucas van der Wee | cepezed

There is a serious candidate for taking over the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen. If it were up to Coen Bais, the building would be relocated to Oss. There, it would become a prominent part of a larger new theatre, he told Omroep West. "But it is not a done deal yet", emphasizes Menno Rubbens, director of cepezedprojects.

piece of the puzzle at the right moment
With the completion of the Amare cultural centre on the Spui, the temporarily built theatre in Scheveningen has become superfluous. Houses will be built on this prominent spot on the harbour. The Municipality of The Hague wants to remove the theatre as circularly as possible and would prefer to relocate the entire building.
Commissioned by the municipality, Lagemaat BV and cepezedprojects investigate the rebuilding of the Zuiderstrandtheater in another location. There is concrete interest from Oss. There will be a new, large theatre with an indoor centre for art education. The theatre in The Hague will be part of a larger plan and will play a central role. According to Coen Bais, director of theatre De Lievekamp in Oss, 'this is a piece of the puzzle that comes at exactly the right time'.

venue has proven itself
"It is a hall that has proven itself in terms of atmosphere and a stage that has proven itself in terms of possibilities," Bais told Omroep West. "I think it's a godsend. It would be fantastic to do it." But before that happens, there has to be a plan that goes to the college in Oss within a few weeks. Then, hopefully, it can go to the municipal council with a positive recommendation.
"In the end, it has to be a feasible business case. That is what it looks like now, but whether that is the case will become clear in the weeks to come", says cepezed-director Rubbens. If it succeeds, The Hague will bid farewell to the theatre in a very circular fashion.

experience with moving buildings
cepezed and cepezedprojects are familiar with circular issues like these. Currently, the former provincial government building of Gelderland, Prinsenhof A in Arnhem, is being dismantled by Lagemaat. From the concrete parts, a new building will soon be constructed, designed by cepezed.
Lagemaat is also dismantling the Temporary Court of Amsterdam, a permanent building that was only allowed to remain standing for five years. This building was realized by Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and cepezedprojects and has the advantage that it was specifically designed by cepezed to be dismantled. This building, as well, is currently being dismantled and moved in order to be rebuilt in another location, just like the Zuiderstrandtheater.