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construction of police unit office in the hague starts

A police headquarters for the National Police is currently being built on the Binckhorst in The Hague. The first column went into the ground last Friday.
spectacular inner street
The Office will be a large building of 48,000 m2 and 6 floors, where around 2200 people will work. The design was a complex puzzle due to the great diversity of functions. There will be a cell complex, but also a laboratory-like department for forensic research and a lot of office space to mention a few functions. A spectacular inner street with ramps 'cuts' the building in half lengthwise, so that you can park on the second, third and fourth floors.
kit of parts
As with many other buildings, cepezed chose a kit-of-parts for the construction, with prefab elements and a large span. This saves material and the floor fields remain free of structural elements, so that the functions per floor can change relatively easily in the future. For the construction that is starting now, it means that work can be done quickly and that there is less nuisance on the construction site.
cepezedinterior designs the inner world of the new Eenheidsbureau. Buro Sant en Co is the landscape architect involved and is responsible, among other things, for the design of the roof garden. Nelissen Ingenieursbureau b.v. is the partner for installations, building physics, fire safety and sustainability, IMD consulting engineers for the structures and Multical is the cost expert. Bam Bouw & Techniek is the constructor

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