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Van Maerlantlyceum: monumental facade, new building

Lucas van der Wee | cepezed

The Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven is getting a drastic makeover. Part of the school building will be demolished, but the characteristic facades and the auditorium will be preserved and will soon form the monumental jacket of a state of the art school building.

learn, recreate, inspire
The 1953 monument has been continuously extended over time. As a result, the structure blurred. The new building will feature a transparent layout and a clear division of functions, with flexibility in floor plan. This will make the building more diverse than before and create different spaces, aimed at interacting with each other and the surrounding greenery. The result will be an inspiring new school building with a variety of places to learn and recreate.

new pavilion
The characteristic, closed facades will be partly preserved in the new Van Maerlantlyceum, but large glass facades will allow more daylight to enter. A new pavilion at the centre will offer a view of the park and the Dommel river flowing by. This will house classrooms for creative and technical subjects. Instead of one large atrium, there will be spaces for quiet study and areas for social breaks.

sustainable development
The new building meets all the standards for a Nearly Energy Neutral Building (BENG). Water management will receive an ecological upgrade. The building will also generate much of it's own energy using PV panels. All this can be achieved through imaginative interventions while preserving the monumental building section and part of the later additions. The monument will get new window frames with durable glazing and the roof will be provided with extra insulation. The school will be sustainably upgraded without losing its characteristics. Construction of the new building section will start this spring and the building will be ready for use in the summer of 2024.

photos of the demolition process and the renders below give an idea of what the new building will look like. More information? View project page Van Maerlantlyceum.

Lucas van der Wee | cepezed
Lucas van der Wee | cepezed
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