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EYE Collection Centre Amsterdam


EYE Collection Centre Amsterdam 

The EYE Collection Centre is located within a six minute ride from the EYE Film Museum. Our design provided a sustainable solution for the problems with the old repositories; these were technically inadequate and scattered over various locations. The new building now brought conservation, restoration and research functions together.

  • client(s)
  • WAD Archief Depots B.V.
  • location
  • Amsterdam
  • user(s)
  • EYE-museum
  • expertise
  • architects
    cepezed projects

Clean-lined and transparent  

The Collection Centre has four storeys. The skin of sheet piling and glass gives the building a clean-cut appearance. The double-height, transparent plinth contains the offices, research areas and restoration workshops with associated facilities. Here you also find the EYE Study, where professionals can come to carry out research based on collection items such as films, DVDs, books, magazines, scenarios, posters, photos, personal and institutional archives, audio, sheet music and film equipment.

luuk kramer
luuk kramer

Adjustable storage spaces  

The storage spaces comply fully with all the legal requirements established in the Archive Act. Temperature and humidity are both adjustable. All the depots can be reached via one centrally located vertical access. To provide extra daylight, the black façade cladding of this circulation zone is perforated. The perforation has antother function as well: it subtly accentuates the position of the entrance below.

luuk kramer
luuk kramer
luuk kramer

Eye for EYE  

The façade corners have been carefully mitred. This makes a strong contribution to the abstract appearance of the building. The roof is equipped with PV panels. The large EYE logo has been applied with white stripe-signing that aestheticly fits in with the structure of the façade cladding.

luuk kramer


  • client: wad archief depots
  • interior design: margriet de zwart
  • stability: imd raadgevende ingenieurs
  • building physics & sustainability: arup
  • contractor building services electrical: elektropartners
  • contractor building services mechanical: vink installatie groep
  • main contractor: m.j. de nijs en zonen
  • contractor steel construction: gs staalwerken bladel
  • façade: de groot & visser, welmecom
  • project management: cepezedprojects
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