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Amsterdam City Archives Depot North


Amsterdam City Archives Depot North 

The City Archives on the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam were struggling with a shortage of suitable storage space. For this reason, the Municipality of Amsterdam commissioned the realization of an additional archive repository. In collaboration with cepezed, BAM Bouw en Techniek was selected through a European tendering procedure for this Design, Build & Maintenance assignment.

  • client(s)
  • BAM Bouw & Techniek
  • location
  • Amsterdam
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  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam
  • discipline(s)
  • cepezed
    cepezed interieur

Plot-filling complex  

The new four-storey Depot Amsterdam-North is located on the Cornelis Douwes terrain, on the corner of the Tt. Vasumweg and the Internetstraat.

Apart from a narrow enclosed patio at the rear, the 2,665 m² building fills almost the entire plot. Accessed from the Internetstraat via a heavy gate, this patio serves as the first security shell of the complex, as well as parking for staff and visitors. It also provides access to the delivery area.

Lucas van der Wee

Energy-neutral repository  

The completely flat anthracite-coloured façade cladding gives the building a bold, robust appearance. Careful detailing contributes greatly to the high-quality appearance. The wide ribbon of PV panels on the façade is light grey for a ton-sur-ton effect.

The roof is equipped with 1,644 m² of PV panels, which more than meets the ‘zero-on-the-meter’ archive building’s own energy requirements. The depot has an energy performance coefficient of 0. The electricity surplus is returned to the grid. The aforementioned patio is laid out with grass stones and plants and has a water retention capacity of over 150 m² for excess rainwater.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

Total cost of ownership  

The project focuses on minimal use of materials, high sustainability and efficiency in management and maintenance. The use of prefabricated components with standard system sizes guarantees clean and fast assembly, with the possibility of disassembly and reassembly. This construction method, which is frequently used by cepezed, fits in seamlessly with the ambitions of the Municipality of Amsterdam to contribute to the circular economy.

The sustainable, circular depot building was completed in November 2019.

Focal point of deliveries  

The truck dock is an integral area where the electric vehicles can load and unload safely while keeping dry. The dock is centrally located in the building layout and has been optimized for an efficient work process. The staff canteen, office space and the various support functions are situated around the dock. All the spaces have glass fronts.

The incoming archive materials are separated in the intake area into a so-called dirty stream and clean stream. In the dirty areas, materials are cleaned and, if necessary, quarantined. Clean archive materials go to the registration area or directly to the depots. These are accessible via a central zone, equipped with a lift and staircases.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

45 kilometres of archive  

The repositories, which hold more than 45 kilometres of archive shelves, are logically and conveniently arranged and each level is separately accessible. A special feature is that the halls do not have any structural storey floors. The filing cabinets cover the full height and the floors consist of wooden panels between the cabinets.

For the best archiving conditions and energy saving, the climate control is organized according to the so-called Scandinavian model, with a minimum of building service systems.

lucas van der wee | cepezed


  • client: gemeente amsterdam
  • contractual client: bam bouw & techniek
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • stability: bam bouw & techniek
  • contractor building services: Halmos Adviseurs, Wassenaar
  • building services, building physics & sustainability: dgmr
  • main contractor: bam bouw & techniek
  • contractor steel construction: Vic Obdam