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Collection centre Netherlands


Collection centre Netherlands 

The Collection Centre Netherlands (CC NL) in Amersfoort Vathorts is the shared depot for the national collections of the Holland Open Air Museum, museum Paleis het Loo, the Rijksmuseum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. The design is certified BREEAM-Outstanding for its sustainability.

  • client(s)
  • Stichting het Rijksmuseum
  • location
  • Amersfoort
  • user(s)
  • Rijksmuseum, Open Air Museum, the Loo Palace and Cultural Heritage Agency
  • discipline(s)
  • cepezed
    cepezed interieur
chris langemeijer
lucas van der wee

From kop to romp  

The CC NL has a volume structure with a ‘kop’ (head), ‘hals’ (neck) and ‘romp’ (trunk). The actual depot, the ‘trunk’, consists of a four-storey volume. The ‘neck’ adjoining the depot is a single-layer building element with a similar square footprint. This section has clear logistics and pleasant work areas filled with daylight. The ‘head’ is a fully transparent segment at the front, which welcomes both staff and visitors.

lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee

Pleasant and flexible  

Between the ‘head’ with the entrance functions and the ‘neck’ with the employee programme, there is a spacious, secure patio. This has been designed as a green space in a way that fits in with the local nature. The conservation and restoration ateliers in the ‘neck’ are provided with pleasant northern light via this patio and skylights.

The depot has large spans of 8.10 metres and as a result, a completely flexible arrangement is possible. To provide optimal protection against fire, the fire compartments are small and the dividing partitions carry a high classification.

lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee

Green solutions  

A special feature of the Collection Centre is the climate control in the depot section. The skin is highly insulating, and has been placed around the ‘trunk’ like a tea cosy. The ground-level floor, however, is actually uninsulated and is in direct contact with the underlying ground. It works as a temperature buffer as a result.

The ‘head’ and the ‘neck’ also have high-performance insulation. These volumes utilize a system for long-term heat and cold storage in the ground. They also have a greywater system to flush the toilets, for example. On the roof, a large area with solar panels is included and the outdoor spaces have been laid out ecologically.

lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee


  • client: stichting het rijksmuseum
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • stability: abt
  • building services: valstar simonis
  • building physics & sustainability: peutz
  • main contractor: g&s bouw & visser en smit bouw
  • contractor building services electrical: ulc installatietechniek & bectro installatietechniek
  • contractor building services mechanical: kropman installatietechniek
  • contractor steel construction: brink staalbouw

awards & nominations

  • breeam awards | 2019