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town hall haarlemmermeer


town hall haarlemmermeer 

The Town Hall square in Hoofddorp will be completely remodelled. The square wall will be reinforced with additional buildings and the existing town hall will make way for compact, clear new buildings. The character of the old round council chamber will be retained in the new building: the council chamber, wedding room and counters are housed in a round volume. In the new town hall, encounters come first. It will be a contemporary, sustainable and accessible building for employees and residents. Iconic because of its round council chamber and its soft yellow, 'stepped', ceramic facades, embedded in facade sections of anodised aluminium. Bright and clear thanks to its large curtain walls and skylights.

  • client(s)
  • municipality haarlemmermeer
  • location
  • Hoofddorp
  • user(s)
  • residents, entrepreneurs, councillors, officials, aldermen and the mayor
  • expertise
  • architects
    cepezed interior

welcoming entrance hall  

The transition between inside and outside has been softened by slightly receding the façade and introducing an overhang. The daylight, use of wood and terrazzo and the many plants provide a warm welcome and define the atmosphere deeper inside the building, where communal functions such as consultation areas and pantries for coffee are clustered along the central axis. Starting from the entrance area, the building is clearly zoned along that axis into public, semi-public and staff areas. The prominently visible, inviting counters in the spacious entrance hall encourage personal contact. The semi-public part contains consulting rooms adjacent to the axis. At the very end is the staff restaurant.

circular heart  

The entrance area of the town hall has glass facades, behind which the building is more closed. The glass makes the round volume a real eye-catcher: it has two floors and extends through the roof. Below are the public reception desks; above are a wedding hall and the council chamber. The staircase is situated in such a way that the area in front of the council chamber provides another space for meetings. Due to its shape, its function and the dynamics that will arise here, this will literally and figuratively become the heart of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

visible history  

Although the building looks modern, the unique history of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer also returns. The proposals by cepezed show this in the interior and in the detailed finishing. Moreover, various elements from the current town hall that refer to its identity and history are given a new purpose in this design.

appropriate in the environment  

In terms of shape and height, the design of the town hall matches the existing buildings in the area. From the outside, the public functions, such as the civil service desks and the council chamber, are visible from three sides. By placing the entrance on the new Raadhuisplein, this square is involved in the building and continues inside. Thus, the town hall emphatically forms part of its surroundings and actively contributes to the municipality's ambition to create an attractive and vibrant city centre. Inside, the long sightlines and clear layout make it easy to find your way around.

visible history  

Although the building looks modern, the unique history of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer also speaks from the architecture. For instance, the ceramic elements are glazed up to NAP and matt above it. The level is also a prominent line at the entrance. Not only the round shape, but also literal elements from the current town hall that refer to the identity and history of this special polder are given a new purpose in the design. Solar panels on the roof make it tangible how sustainable the building is. The roof is also used for water retention, slowing down the discharge into the sewer system.


  • consulting engineering company: royal haskoningdhv
  • consulting company: halmos
  • consulting company: zri
  • interior: fokkema
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