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Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart


Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart 

At the end of the 1990s, a new, successful era began for Porsche. cepezed expressed the regained inspiration in the Porsche Zentrum Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart, the home base of the German car brand. The design is an efficient kit of parts and has been the standard for the Porsche Corporate Identity since the first showroom was realised in 2000.

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  • porsche ag
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  • Stuttgart
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Building and product complement each other  

The new Porsche Zentrum has a sober but high-quality appearance which beautifully expresses the perfection of Porsche. Form, technology and image are an excellent match for each other.

The design makes passers-by long for the inside. As a result, the customer centre projects the feelings that are connected to the Porsche brand.

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Façade with stainless-steel skin  

For a top brand such as Porsche, the full glass façades you see at many car showrooms are just too average. That is why the 12-metre-high façade was implemented as largely closed and with a smooth, stainless steel skin. Only the plinth is completely transparent.

The curved façade profile reflects the controlled perfection and the beautiful contours of the sports cars. At the same time, the curved façade allows the building to merge with its urban surroundings.

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Cars in the spotlight  

During the day, the cars receive natural light from above via large skylights in the roof, making them look exactly as they would on the street.
At night, the dark floor and rear wall of the showroom create a theatrical effect that makes the cars look even more exclusive and desirable.

Besides a showroom, the building accommodates offices, garage workshops and warehousing.

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On the assembly line  

The winning cepezed design has represented the standard for the architectural Porsche Corporate Identity since its realization in 2000. The hundreds of branches of the prestigious car brand built after 2000 are based on the customer centre in Stuttgart.

As a result of this project in Stuttgart, Porsche also commissioned cepezed to design the Cayenne factory in Leipzig.

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  • client: porsche ag
  • interior design: cepezed
  • stability: leonardt andrä & partner
  • main contractor: kilian & hagmann
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