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Tilburg railway station area


Tilburg railway station area 

The station in Tilburg has been given a pivotal function in the city thanks to interventions by cepezed. A tunnel has made the station accessible from two sides, connecting the north and south sides of the city. Spacious, modern bicycle storage facilities on both sides have been fitted into the original design of the station building. A renewed bus station has also been added. With all these renovations, the station area in Tilburg has undergone a major metamorphosis over the past decade.

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  • tilburg city council and prorail
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  • Tilburg
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  • cepezed

tilburg station  

For years, Tilburg’s station area had been inconveniently organized and insufficiently equipped for the increased number of bus and train passengers. cepezed designed the renewal plan including a new tunnel and an expansion of the train station with an extra platform.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

bus station tilburg  

Right next to Tilburg train station is where you find the new bus station. The cepezed design focuses entirely on passenger comfort and an orderly traffic flow. In addition, it’s a ‘zero-on-the-meter’ project: it generates as much energy as it consumes.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

bicycle parking facilities tilburg  

“The bicycle parking facility on the south side is an eye-catcher in the transformation of the railway zone in Tilburg,” said councillor Bas van der Pol. For the Tilburg train station, cepezed designed two bicycle parking facilities; one on either side of the train tracks, together for over 7,000 bicycles in total.

lucas van der wee | cepezed


  • station building, bus station, bicycle parking facilities
  • client: tilburg city council
  • urban design: atelier quadrat
  • specialisations: various (see project page)