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Dick Klijn, architectural engineer 

Dick has been working at cepezed since the end of 2023. With strong social skills and a tidy mood, he is a nice addition to the team.

In 2023, Dick reasonably knew what he was getting into: during his studies, he already gained experience at cepezed. After two internships and obtaining his master's degree in architecture, he joined as assistant designer/construction engineer. His knowledge of circularity, sustainability and climate are a valuable addition to the team. Dick gained this knowledge during an internship at the Architecten Cie, among others, where he and fellow students investigated various forms of circularity, such as urban mining.

For his graduation research, Dick designed a strategy to prevent overloading the energy grid by renovating social housing. It was not only here that his knowledge of sustainability came in handy. He also used it to design a new clubhouse for his sailing club. It was built using wood and windows that were freed up after a refurbishment of another building.

The efficiency in cepezed's designs really appeals to Dick. 'cepezed has the power to design complex nodes efficiently so that they look simple, elegant and logical.' He is currently applying that efficiency himself in the design for the police collection location in Drachten. Here, the challenge is to solve the complex requirements for the different buildings while ensuring that they still remain one 'family'.

The first project Dick was involved in was the van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven. Here he learned a lot about what is involved in designing with monumental buildings. The Green House, too, can be found in Dick's portfolio. 'Like Bouwdeel Dand the temporary court & multitenantand educational building & multitenantand educational building projects, this is a successful experiment, from which cepezed and the entire architecture world learned a lot about demountable construction. They still serve as inspiration for cepezed and others.'