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Marcin Osak, architectural engineer 

has been working at cepezed since 2021. He thrives on the challenge and dynamics involved in the tender department and remains collaborative even in stressful situations.

Marcin received his bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning from the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland. For his masters, he moved to Delft, where he graduated from the TU Faculty of Architecture at the studio 'Complex Projects' in 2021.

His graduation project, Microproduction Habitat, is situated on the bank of the river Maas in Rotterdam-Zuid. This large, multifunctional building, designed to perfection, brings together Marcin's love for industrial architecture and his fascination with contrasts. Unlike the mostly closed old industrial buildings, this building is open and shows what happens inside. A public passage with spectacular walkways cuts through it at street level and flows seamlessly into the public space. Sightlines and functions are also carefully coordinated with the surroundings. In this way, Marcin implicitly examines a building's boundary: where does architecture end and the city begin?

The designs of cepezed reflect what Marcin likes about industrial architecture: simplicity, efficiency and an almost fundamental emphasis on function. 'Because of this principle, even complicated buildings like quantum laboratories fulfil their function almost perfectly. And I also like the rigidity of such a design.' What appeals to him about cepezed's parking hub designs is that they have public zones and the formal and informal meet there - in fact, they are complete mini-cities, just like his graduation project. Marcin: 'It's architecture that doesn't try to be special, but is special nonetheless'.

Marcin worked, among others, on the Tania Leonhuis and MHXL, 2 designs placed meticulously in their context. With Marcin, cepezed has someone on board who can interpret a request for proposal in surprising ways, who thinks outside the box if a design benefits from it and has a keen eye for 'honest design'.