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Noud Gorter, architectural engineer 

Noud has been working at cepezed since 2022. With his modest appearance, he brings tranquillity with him. Due to his steady way of working, he is a stable factor in the team.

Noud completed his studies with a master's degree in Building Technology at TU Delft. Here, he specialised in Bridge Design. Before joining cepezed in 2022, Noud worked at a renovation contractor. This experience increased his focus on technical quality and technical feasibility. Noud enjoys working with his hands, from woodworking to electronics. This passion for 'making' comes in very useful in his technical position. It keeps him sharp in realistic and manufacturable design.

Simplicity, out of well-developed designs, appeals to Noud. He sees this in the technical execution of almost all cepezed designs. In his eyes, 'cepezed can bring function and aesthetics together into a unified and consistent design'. This fits well with his motivation as a designer.

Noud is proud of his contribution to the Police Assembly Site Drachten. For the assembly site, four buildings with different technical requirements had to be designed. Yet aesthetically, these buildings should form a unified whole. This is a challenge Noud enjoys facing. He also supervises the execution of the research building for the VU-Amsterdam. He likes the 'hands-on experience' that a large-scale and technically complex project like this gives him.