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Wiebe de Boer, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2016. In his designs, he searches for integration between nature and architecture. This can be a simple intervention, such as inserting glass or designing with living natural elements such as plants.

Wiebe completed his Masters in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Delft University of Technology, majoring in Explorelab.

His fascination with the integration of nature and architecture benefits cepezed, where he also sees his personal style preference of the combination of glass, steel and high iq/kg reflected.

The study for redeveloping the Lek Bridge near Vianen ranks as one of Wiebe's favourite projects, because the challenge of translating an extremely complex task into a clear design. In this unique design study, the bridge remained in place, but was repurposed as a hospitality and conference pavilion with flats, including all kinds of complicated details. Oldelft Ultrasound is a project in which all cepezed expertise comes together, Wiebe here operated both on behalf of cepezed and cepezedbouwteam. As with the Lekbrug, the nature-inclusive approach suits his personal preference.