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cepezed signs city deal for circular and conceptual construction

We all know that construction needs to become more sustainable. For this reason cepezed chooses to use circular construction methods for most of its buildings, with prefabricated parts that can easily be reused in the future. To be able to take major steps towards a more sustainable construction sector, municipalities, the government and commercial parties are joining forces in the 'City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building'. We are proud to contribute to this deal and use our expertise for this project.

achieving climate goals together
The Netherlands is aiming for a fully circular economy by 2050, with our primary raw material use already halved by 2030. Also, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 49 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. At the same time, our country is facing an enormous construction task: in the coming years, one million houses should be built to meet the housing demand. A number of cities, provinces, commercial parties and knowledge institutions are therefore joining forces with the government to realize these joint ambitions.

circular and prefabricated
By building in a smart, circular and conceptual way, we can achieve sustainability gains without losing of the construction pace or affordability of the buildings. In fact, the construction pace can increase while the climate ambitions are accelerated.

Collectively, we make the construction sector a driving force for the circular economy. That is the ambition of the City Deal, which started on December 17th. In the coming years a lot will have to change about the way in which we build and the materials with which we build. This City Deal wants to prove that circular and conceptual construction can contribute to the affordability and progress of the construction ambition, partly in terms of the large number of innovations in construction products and processes that this deal entails. Demountable, biobased and affordable
Together, the partners will work on various building systems, in which demountable and biobased construction are the focus points. New valuation methods are being sought to make circular and demountable construction affordable and financeable. Due to the broad representation of parties in the deal, individual ambitions are translated into joint goals and projects. In this way, the construction sector contributes to the circular economy and innovation and sustainable construction techniques contribute to a valuable building stock.

Mainly because a circular construction method, prefabricated building parts and minimization of material use are already part of most cepezed projects, this City Deal suits cepezed well. For instance, Oldelft Ultrasound, the Temporary Courthouse Amsterdam, The Green House and Building D(emountable) were already developed, designed and built according to circular principles.

The participating parties emphasize the importance of this collaboration in the video below (in Dutch).