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dutch design challenge: circulair wind turbines

Our Green Week may be over, but our search for sustainable solutions continues. For example, what kind of second life is conceivable for wind turbine rotor blades?

We are investigating this together with Studio Carbon, Chris Kievid and Superuse Studio for Vattenfall, within the What if Lab of the Dutch Design Week. At DDW23 is the joyous first session. Next year - DDW24 - the results will be presented. With the What If Lab DDW hopes to challenge the business and design worlds to come up with concrete answers to current issues together.

From cepezed, Jasper Manders, Sonja Draskovic and Ronald Schleurholts will join the team. Ronald: "At cepezed, we are constantly looking for materials from other sectors and the best way to introduce them into the often somewhat conservative construction sector. With a group of inspiring designers and the professionals of Vattenfall, we hope to innovate, surprise and inspire yet again."

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