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cheers to collaboration at official opening control room

The East Netherlands Control Room is built for the Police, Fire Department and Ambulance. Although the building is already in full use - the first emergency call came in on March 21 - we did not celebated this moment with a joint toast. On June 1st we celebrated the official opening and the collaboration between the three services.

shared identity
Control room East Netherlands was completed in October 2022. It has been in use since March this year, after an extensive test period. For the joyous, official opening over 100 invited guests gathered in the bright, high hall of the building. It was concluded that good collaboration is a prerequisite for a well-functioning control room. To underline this message several ribbons were connected. Also during the design and construction process collaboration was key.

wooded region
The guests - on behalf of cepezed Mathieu de Danschutter and Ronald Schleurholts - were given a tour of the building. They took a look at the actual command and control center, where telephone calls continued. The tour also showed the office and meeting rooms, pantries and the beautiful quiet room. The East Netherlands Control Room is situated in a wooded region, trees in the surroundings are noticeable through high windows inside. Even the command and control center has a view of the surroundings. Thanks to ingeniously fitted windows, no sunlight falls on the computer screens.

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Marcel van Saltbommel
Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee
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